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Unpacking MOKU with Matt Feldman

A founder series highlighting the reality of entrepreneurship, capital, and growth.

1) Out of all of the products out there, why good-for-you jerky?

The jerky and meat snacks category is exploding in the US. We saw a huge opportunity with the rise of popularity in mushrooms + the green space in the plant-based jerky category.

2) If you could offer one sentence of advice to entrepreneurs seeking capital, what would it be?

You have one shot with each investor so make sure your company is in an investable position by having a fantastic product, team, and vision to be a $100m business.

3) Entrepreneurship. Two roses and a thorn. Go!

Roses are being able to build something that you wake up every morning excited about + scheduling your life on your own time. Thorn would be the emotional tax on the bad days.

4) What do you think is your greatest differentiating factor as a founder?

The ability to be well liked and motivating to your team, investors, and partners.

5) In 5 years, how will the world look different because Moku exists?

Moku will be a leader in the better for you snacking category shifting folks from meat snacks to something much better for the planet.


About Moku Foods

We are turning king oyster mushrooms into a delicious, tender jerky that anyone can enjoy from vegans to meat-eaters alike. Our goal is to create delicious snacks that are better for both our bodies and the planet.


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